This animation blog is an evolving online project developed to provide animation artists with a universally accessible online showcase for their animation. The blog also promotes animation through photos, videos, and interviews.

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Canadian Animation Blog Contributors


Grayden Laing - Founder / Photographer / Civilian Journalist

Grayden Laing
This is Grayden
(posing with his serious face)
Grayden Laing is a part time animator who has a passion for the arts.  He also works as a digital cinematographer and colourist for broadcast television (Grayden's IMDb Page).  He is currently working as the director of photography and colourist on the fourth season of War Story for the History Channel.

You can visit Grayden's personal website, which has a random collection of his various artistic pursuits, here:


Dr. Laura Bolt - Friend / Editor

This is Laura
Dr. Laura Bolt is a longtime friend who has a passion for correcting Grayden's grammar and spelling. Laura's extreme altruism makes this blog much more enjoyable to read, while her enthusiasm for animation has led her to be the voice of beer bottles and funny eggs in amateur productions. To pay rent, Laura works as a primatologist and freelance musician. 


John Righton - Photo Editor / Video Editor / Blog Minder

This is John

John has been helping out with the Canadian Animation Blog almost since it's inception. From blog posts to photo/video editing to database minding, he does it all.