VIDEO - TAAFI Talk: Creator Driven Shows!

I'm very excited to announce that the Canadian Animation Blog live screened the TAAFI Talk "Creator Driven Shows" to the world on Dec 7. The talk was presented by Corus Entertainment and held in their theatre screening room in downtown Toronto.

This is first live stream that I've ever done! So, first off, thanks to TAAFI for organizing this talk. Thanks to the audience for bearing with  the live streaming process and special thanks to all the talk participants for working with me and Barnabas so that we could share  the talk online! Also, thanks to the staff at Corus who provided the space and tech support!

Here's the run down on the talk:

Over the past few years there have been many panels and initiatives discussing how in Canada we need to be making “Creator Driven” cartoons. It’s time to evolve that conversation as these types of shows ARE being produced in Canada. We are bringing together the creators of 5 recent  ‘creator driven’ Canadian cartoons to talk about their experience. What was their background? How did the pitch go? What was the development like? What was their involvement in the show? What did they learn from production? What would you do differently and what advice do they have for other creators? We will be case studying 2 series that have recently premiered (Mysticons and The 3 Amigonauts), 2 that are premiering over the next year (Cupcake and Dinosaur and Wishfart) and one show that is currently in development (Sprinkle & The Sweet Sugar Magics)

Moderator - Brandon Lane 

Mysticons creator / story editor - Sean Jara 
Wishfart creators / showrunners - Lienne Sawatzy, Dan Williams and John Hazlett 
The 3 Amigonauts creator - Kyle Marshall 
Cupcake and Dinosaur creator / director - Pedro Eboli
Sprinkle and the Sweet Sugar Magics creator - Stephanie Kaliner