NSFW - "Hi, It's Your Mother" by Daniel Sterlin-Altman

Hi, It’s Your Mother is a shocking tragi-comedic stop motion short about family and blood[y] ties. When Lisa gets a call from her dreaded mother nagging for a visit, frustration gets the best of her. Meanwhile, her son Adam just wants to have teenage sex with his boyfriend in private.

Developed as the Toronto-native director’s filmmaking debut, Hi, it’s Your Mother has had 53 international screenings on every continent, including Anima Brussels, Stuttgart International Animation Festival, Outfest LA, and Fantasia Film Fest. In Toronto, the short has played at Inside Out Festival, Toronto Youth Shorts, and the TAIS Animation Showcase. Often deemed a horror film, comedy, and family drama, the film has gone on to win audience and jury prizes at the Montreal Stop Motion Festival, Image+Nation LGBT Film Festival, and the TAIS Animation Showcase. For a full list of festivals and awards click here.

Called “Hilarious and refreshing”, Hi, It’s Your Mother is a treat for mothers, sons, queers, and anyone in between. Not for the faint of heart.