OIAF 2017 Photos up on Canadian Animation Blog Facebook

Photos from The Breadwinner gala screening and the pumpkin carving at the OIAF Animator's Picinc are now up on the Canadian Animation Blog Facebook Photo Page. A small selection of the photos are below.

Catherine McKenna and Family out for the screening of "The Breadwinner" at OIAF 2017

Red Carpet Gala event for "The Breadwinner" film at OIAF 2017

Producers for "The Breadwinner"

Animators and Production Team for "The Breadwinner"film.

"The Breadwinner" Film Screening at OIAF 2017

Catherine McKenna giving a talk at the screening of "The Breadwinner" for OIAF 2017

Question and answer time with "The Breadwinner" team after the screening.