Kickstarter - "My Love Affair With Marriage" by Signe Baumane

Signe Baumane is one of those famous independent animators you hear of in animation circles, if you're not familiar with her work you should definitely check it out. I'd recommend starting with "Rocks in my Pockets".

Signe's working on a new film now, "My Love Affair With Marriage", and is looking for crowd funding support via Kickstarter. Click here to visit her Kickstarter page for the film.

"My Love Affair With Marriage" is a story about Zelma, a young woman with wild imagination who believes love will make her a complete human being with four arms, four legs and two heads.
The film seamlessly incorporates Neuroscience and songs with a personal love story.

Signe believes this film may fit nicely into the larger conversation about women in animation.

You can read more about Signe and her film over on AWN: