RotoJam Collective - An Animator Collaboration Project

RotoJam is a collective of animators who rotoscope sections of footage to make a single video that displays a variety of styles and techniques.

The new Facebook page for the group is now up and you can find it here:

There is an open call for animators to participate in the 4th animation jam, which will be starting up in early 2017.
How it works 
Ashley decides on a segment of video to use for the project and then divides it into short sections (5-15 seconds) and then posts the video online with a list of the timecodes for each segment. After the animators watch the video, they contact Ashley to let her know which section they would like to animate. Each animator then has three months to animate their part, and when it's done, they use WeTransfer to send their finished animation to Ashley. All animated sections are then edited together by Ashley into the final video.  
Jams are announced bi-annually and an open call for animators goes out a month before the jam begins. All you have to do is Message the RotoJam Facebook page or click "Going" to the event created for the jam to sign up. 
You can contact Ashley Lo Russo ( directly if you have any questions.

*Disclaimer: I am a part of this group, so maybe I'm biased, but I think it's a great way to collaborate with other artists.