RotoJam3 - A Collaborative Animation Project

RotoJam3 from Ash Lo Russo on Vimeo.

RotoJam is a collaboration between animators who rotoscope sections of footage in order to make a single video that displays a variety of styles and techniques.

Contact Ashley Lo Russo ( if you would like to be a part of the next RotoJam project.

RotoJam3 features segments animated by:
Tanziba Awal 0:03-0:09
Ashley Lo Russo 0:10-0:22
Steve J. Drumonde 0:22-0:27
Jamie Sutherland 0:27-0:30
Leslie Martinez 0:30-0:35
Nikole Hidalgo 0:36 to 0:46
Jill Johnston 0:46-0:50
Janet Cheung 0:50-0:55
Alexandra Papouchina 0:55-1:03
Grayden Laing 1:03-1:11
Anna C. Gilmore 1:11-1:21
Ashley Lo Russo 1:21-1:31
Amen Shafiq 1:31-1:36
Marc Bedard 1:36-1:43
Catherine Vu 1:43-1:50
Shawna-Lee Tai 1:50-1:55
Marc Bedard 1:55-1:58
Dave Sandford 1:58-2:07
Pete OHearn 2:07-2:13
Niki Sehmbi 2:13-2:18
Mike Logan 2:18 - 2:25
Shawna-Lee Tai 2:25-2:37