STORYBOARDS - "King Size" by Kaj Pindal

This is a guest post by Amir Avni who digitized these storyboards and the final film for Kaj Pindal. To see more of Kaj's work check out his blog: The original post for "King Size" is here.


Kaj Pindal made this board in roughly ten days, exactly fifty years ago, in 1966. The final theatrical short was released in 1968 and is available to watch below.

The Department of Health and Welfare contacted the National Film Board with the aim of de-glamorizing cigarette smoking. The anti-smoking campaign began with showing images of sick lungs etc, but that was found to be ineffective in changing attitudes toward smoking. They found that humour worked much better. This was first demonstrated with Kaj's Anti-Smoking TV spots. This short followed their success.

The finished film:

Kaj's earlier anti-smoking TV spots:

Kaj Pindal: Public Awareness and Saftey Ads from Amir Avni on Vimeo.


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