SHORT FILM - "BOSS BITCH" by Winona Regan - Including a short a Q+A

Don't mess with a boss ass bitch. These dudes learn the hard way in this original animation from Super Deluxe. Song by PTAF.

Director: Winona Regan 
Design: Winona Regan, Jeremy Sengly
Animation: Winona Regan, Kirby Allen, Rachel Paek, Jeremy Sengly

"Boss Bitch" is one of many short animated films being premiered on the Super Deluxe YouTube channel. Super Deluxe also has a newly launched Animation Facebook page: 


Grayden Laing: What inspired the concept for "Boss Bitch"? 

Winona Regan: ‘Boss Bitch’ is inspired by women, all women. I love being a woman and try to work an appreciation of womankind into my work. This short is about the experience of being a woman who is trying to get shit done. I’m sure most of us have experienced a misplaced cat call while in the midst of powering through the day. Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with it. Another big part of the short was music and dance. My favorite thing to animate is dancing. I’m very inspired by dancers and what they are able to say with their bodies, in a non-verbal short this is a great way to show character and self-expression.

GL: Were you expecting any particular type of reaction from viewers? If so, did the viewer reaction meet your expectations?

WR: I was hoping that people would take a feeling of joy and power from the short. I wanted it to be funny to both men and women, while also conveying a message. You catch more flies with honey. Sometimes the best way to get people to think about things is to find a different way to engage them on the issue. I was expecting some level of misinterpretation of the short- that we hate men, but the short isn’t about the men, it’s about the women. It is also very tongue in cheek, and I expected a debate on whether it was too sexualized to portray a feminist message. The reaction we got was more than I could have hoped for, lots of conversations being sparked and women saying that they appreciate the variety of characters, as well as some saying they appreciated the way they were animated. The number of people who understood what we were going for far outweighed those who took issue.

GL: Do you have any plans to take this concept further? Like developing a web series?

WR: This is only the beginning. I have been hatching plans of what is to come for the Boss Bitch ladies, but that is all I can say for now.