TAIS Animation Showcase

GET READY TORONTO! On Saturday, July 30th at 7:00pm, the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) is going to satisfy all your animation desires with the 10th annual TAIS Animation Showcase at Geary Lane - 360 Geary Avenue - in Toronto. 

Featuring 23 short animated films created within the last two years and selected from over 1,000 eligible entries — the most ever entered to the competition in the history of the event — the finalists in this year’s programme cover a variety of genres and stylistic approaches to the animation art form. Many of the films combine humour, whimsy, and the surreal with stories that address compelling social, philosophical, and political themes. Others push the boundaries of experimentation, producing aesthetic explorations with dazzling impact.

Awards will be given to four films, as selected by the audience and a guest jury of Canadian animation media artists, including a ‘Grand Prize - Best of the Showcase’ award. With filmmakers from 11 different countries including Canada, USA, Croatia, the Russian Federation, the UK, Argentina, Israel, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, and Germany, the crowd has their work cut out for them in choosing the ‘Audience Choice Award’ this year.

Some highlights of the program include: Carla Veldman’s film Uncle Antlers, a hand-drawn animation about one child’s imaginary friend; Daniel Suljic’s Transparency (Stakleni čovjek) portraying a world of surveillance in contrast to the frivolity of social media obsession; Eliott Deshusses’ exquisite stop-motion tale PIPO in which a child is accidentally raised by TV; Jonni Phillips’ hilarious surrealist analog narrative The Earth is Flat that follows a little pink character through a pastel wasteland of pop culture dreams; Jamie Wolfe’s sticky Roommates in the crush of a heat wave hot enough to melt their minds; and, Amanda Strong and Bracken Hanuse Corlett‘s Mia' which tells the tale of a young Indigenous female artist for whom the city streets provide both sanctuary and a secret gallery, where her art comes to life. All these and more! Full programme can be found at http://tais.ca/2016/06/28/the-10th-tais-animation-showcase/.

Also featured is TAIS’ Anjiam competition. With a theme of Disaster! it’s anyone’s best guess what sort of unfortunate consequences, utter calamity, and moments of misadventure will befall this year’s set of 10-second animated shorts. Created by animators who have been given no guidelines beyond the theme and time cap, come prepared for anything.

Last but not least, TAIS 2015-16 Artist in Residence, Michael Enzbrunner, is presenting a new work in VR (virtual reality) at the Showcase this year. Entitled Death Van & the Zeitshow Folks, produced in collaboration with Helge Henning, this VR experience puts participants in the middle of a dreamlike surrealist musical diorama where the viewer is shrunk down to thumbnail size. Created as part of TAIS 2015-16 Artist in Residency program, sponsored by The Petman Foundation.

The 10th TAIS Animation Showcase poster was created by Toronto based visual artist Steven Chmilar. Styled in consideration of this year’s Anijam theme Disaster!, the final oil painting depicts a gigantic child at battle with the elements and offering up a whale to the heavens. More of Steven's work can be found at www.stevechmilar.com.

Source: Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS)