Rotojam: Winter Edition

RotoJam: Winter Edition from Ash Lo Russo on Vimeo.

RotoJam is a collaboration between animators who rotoscope sections of footage in order to make a single video that displays a variety of styles and techniques. 

This is the second edition of this anijam, which is organized by Ashley Lo Russo on a bi-annual basis.

Editing and Directing: Ashley Lo Russo
Source Footage: Cailin Cser
Choreography: Marissa Ricci
Dancer: Marisa Ricci 
Music: "Saltimbanco" by UP Paolo Pavan, Pasqualino Ubaldini
Title Card: Kaya O'Hearn

Contributing animators and the timing of their contributions:
00:00-00:23 - Emily Waknine
00:23-00:34 - Marc Bedard
00:34-00:44 - Grayden Laing
00:44-00:51 - Edward Ramsay-Morin
00:51-01:03 - Ashley Lo Russo
01:03-01:15 - Shawna-Lee Tai
01:12-01:14 - Janet Cheung
01:15-01:18 - Jean-Guy MacLeod
01:18-01:25 - Janet Cheung
01:25-01:33 - Alexandra Papouchina
01:33-01:49 - Kaya O'Hearn