Title Sequence Complete for "Building 108" from Rick Trembles and Big Cheeks Studio

Building 108 chronicles the misadventures of a ragtag trio of young broke mutant musicians who live and rehearse in a dilapidated building in a post-apocalyptic predatory urban environment that has pesky hazards like bumbling hucksters, zombies, and aliens from other planets and dimensions around every corner. Each episode is based around the charmingly quirky way the crew fends off a different antagonist to their routine of trying to make ends meet and playing music at their neighborhood hangouts.

Building 108 is created by Rick Trembles, http://www.snubdom.com/, and produced by Ari A. Cohen of Big Cheeks Studio. Ari also produces award winning docs and tv series with his company, www.rotatingplanet.com.

Rick and Ari are working towards a web series and looking for exposure to help build an audience as they plan to soon create a crowd funding campaign for the web series.

For more animation from Rick, check out his BLABCO web series.


  1. who is this guy? I've seen his art and comix for years, would love to see more animation, so original!

    1. Hi, you can find out more about Rick on his site: http://www.snubdom.com/.

  2. Hey everybody! Thanks for the kind words! This is just to let you know that we're in the last few crucial days of our crowdfunding campaign for the second BUILDING 108 CARTOON entitled BARNACLE BILL THE TAILOR! Here's the official Indiegogo page (please let me know if you have any suggestions where else I could alert people of this! thanx!): https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/building-108-cartoon-animation#/


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