SNOT BUBBLES TRAILER - A high view count equals funding from IPF, so watch the trailer.

Daniel Beaulieu and Katia Truong have recently released the trailer for their upcoming web series 'Snot Bubbles'. It deals with a small Saskatchewan town struggling for relevance in an increasingly urbanized world.

They put the trailer together for IPF’s Web Drama Series Grant, which would allow them to produce it as a small web series. The amount of views on the trailer will affect the IPF's decision on whether to fund them. So, watch it a bunch of times. 

Editorial note: Don't let the title put you off. The aesthetic is delicious. I love the use of light and colour in the trailer. If you've ever been in the small town's of the Canadian west, you'll see that they've nailed the feelings evoked there. 


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  2. Love the graphics ! Looking forward to the story !

  3. I really like the use of lighting and colour in this. Interesting graphical style. Looking forward to seeing how the story goes; although, I think they should have come with a less juvenile title, since the trailer shows it is anything but that.


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