VIDEO - Robert Valley at Animatic T.O. - Part 2

In this Animatic T.O. talk Robert Valley (Gorillaz Music Videos, Tron: Uprising, Motorcity, Shinjuku, DC Nation: Wonder Woman) goes into candid detail about his animation career, which spans working at boutique animation studios to carving out a character design niche at larger studios to moving on to produce and animate his own indie film, "Pear Cider and Cigarettes".

Check out Robert's Kickstarter to raise funds for music and post production on his film "Pear Cider and Cigarettes":

It would be a shame for this film to not have the soundtrack that it deserves. Do yourself, Robert, and animation history a favour by helping to fund this project.


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Event Organized by Animatic TO (
   Barry A Sanders - Founder
   Andrew Murray - Organizer
   Chris Cater - Organizer

Filming & Editing by Canadian Animation Blog
   Grayden Laing - Camera & Editing
   Alexandra Papouchina - Production Assistant