Games - Broodle from Super Value Meal

Broodle is a mobile social gaming app where you join daily challenges and draw silly monsters, give them dumb voices, then battle against other people's silly monsters. You then judge which 'Broodles' would win in a fight. The more you play, the more cool unlocks you get. Slime color! Paint bombs! Self-worth!

There are new bizarre tournaments every day to juice up your creativity—from Undead Ducks to Belching Goats to Ninja Obamas.

And you don’t have to be Picasso to have fun with Broodle, because the game celebrates bad drawings by only giving everyone 90 seconds to doodle their creature. Creativity and stupidity win!

Platform: iPhone (iOS)
Rating: 12+
Price: Free
Availability: App Store


Key Features
Two modes: Battle or Judge
6 new tournaments every day
Super simple draw screen
Only 90 seconds to draw, making everyone’s doodles equally terrible
Add a 3-second voice to your doodle to make it Premium Stupid™
A full record of every Broodle you’ve ever made
A punk attitude for rebellious screenagers
5 cool unlocks for judging and winning
Be a judgemental jerk and judge hundreds of battles
First to 10 votes wins!
Increase your doodle envy by seeing how well your friends are doing
Oh, and it has a sign out button—don’t ever touch it!
Coming Soon
New features!
A 15-second time bonus (only available when you’ve lost 15 games)
Directly challenge any of your Facebook friends (soon-to-be enemies)