Funding - Super Science Friends, Kickstarting the Next Episodes

Tinman Creative Studios, the team behind Super Science Friends, has started their second Kickstarter campaign to fund three more episodes of their series. This is just one part of Tinman's unique funding approach as they continue to forge ahead with pioneering a distribution model for animated content that is outside the traditional broadcast model. If you're as interested in the details of their alternative funding and distribution approach as I am, you can read about it in this interview: Brett Jubinville talks about Super Science Friends: Episode 1.

Tinman has set the budget at $50,000 per episode for a grand total of $150,000 for all three episodes. I see that as a daunting number for most animated productions to crowdfund, but I really hope they make it.

I've personally put funds toward this project. First, because I think this type of animation is amazing and second, because Tinman delivered all the rewards and the animation on time for their first Kickstarter campaign. That's something that is never guaranteed by Kickstarter, but based on Tinman's track record I can confidently recommend this campaign.

If you want more in depth info on Super Science Friends, and their first Kickstarter campaign, check out this interview with Brett, the creator of the series: INTERVIEWS - Brett Jubinville talks "Super Science Friends"