"Lost Property" by Asa Lucander

Lost Property from Asa Lucander on Vimeo.

Short film: Lost Property
Written & Directed by: Åsa Lucander

An Old Lady requests the help of a kindly Old Man who works in the Lost Property Office. Everyday, she brings him a photograph of a lost item and the Old Man takes her through the corridor of doors to rooms which are filled with lost property. Though each day the Old Lady leaves empty-handed, they persevere in their search... will she be able to find what she is looking for?
Producer: Tom Mortimer - Executive producer: Dave Anderson
Art by: Åsa Lucander - Assistant Artist: Marc Moynihan
Animation: Marc Moynihan, Ana García Sebastiá, Anna Fyda, Simon Testro, Michael Towers, Nathan Brenville, Åsa Lucander
After Effects: Aman-Shah Andrew
Visual Effects: Rushes - Sound: Jungle - Music: One More Music Company