Fallout 4 - Terminal Hacking Tutorial

If you're playing Fallout 4, then you will need to know how to hack the computer terminals that are strewn throughout the game. This is a quick tutorial on how to use a paper cheat sheet to quickly solve what the correct password answer is. 

Each time you attempt to hack a terminal in Fallout you are shown a garbled page of code with passwords hidden within it. If you are hacking advanced terminals, your passwords will be 5 letter words. 

There are several code breaking techniques you can use. In this tutorial I'm going to show you two different ways to eliminate password options. 

1. First screen, I choose SPREE as my first password attempt because there were several other words that have the letter "E" in the same spot. 

2. When the terminal tells me that the password has a likeness=0 it means that the password has no identical letters to SPREE. This means I can eliminate any words that have identical letters to SPREE. 

3. The easiest way to do the elimination is to write the words in a vertical column. Any words that have identical letters to SPREE can be removed. In this case SAMBA, SEVEN, SHEER, and FIBER are all removed from the list of potential passwords.

(words with letters circled in red are eliminated from being potential passwords)

4. That leaves FIELD, YIELD, LISTS, TALKS, AHEAD, and BULLY as the potential passwords.

5. I choose BULLY next because it has the letter L in similar places to other potential passwords.

6. BULLY has a likeness=1 which means that any words with 1 letter in an identical position to BULLY can be kept as potential passwords. So again, check the vertical column and keep those words. In this case it was FIELD, YIELD, and TALKS.

(words with letters circled in green are kept as being potential passwords)

7. I now have two picks left and three potential passwords. I will not pick TALKS next because it has no likeness to FIELD or YIELD, which means if it is not the password - I would not be given any clue as to whether FIELD or YIELD is the right password. That would leave me with a 50/50 chance of getting the right answer, which I do not want. 

8. However, if I pick YIELD and it is not the password then I will be given the hint that the real password either has a likeness=0 to YIELD (meaning that TALKS is the password) or I will be given the hint that YIELD has a likeness=4 to the password (meaning that FIELD is the password). Because of that, I pick YIELD as my next password attempt.

 9. When I pick YIELD I'm told that it has a likeness=4 to the actual password - that means the actual password must be FIELD.

*TIP* If you get to the fourth attempt and you aren't sure what the password is, exit the terminal, and then re-activate it to get another shot at hacking without getting locked out.