Animatic T.O. Video - Robert Anderson's Tips and Tricks for Creating a Succesful Animation Pipeline

It Ain't Rocket Science - Tips and tricks for a scalable pipeline
by Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson is a Pipeline Developer Extraordinaire! With over 30 years of work experience, and close to 700 episodes of broadcast shows and films under his belt, Robbie knows a thing or two when it comes to managing a project and seeing it to its completion! With an animation background that has focused on 2D, 3D and games, Robbie discusses how to manage the projects that YOU want to get off the ground!

"Even YOU can make a scalable workflow for your projects."
- Robbie Anderson

Special Thanks to Robert Anderson.

Event Organized by Animatic TO (
Barry A Sanders - Founder
Andrew Murray - Organizer

Filming & Editing by Canadian Animation (
Grayden Laing - Camera & Editing
John Righton - Editing

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