Animatic T.O. Video - Mark Mayerson's Lecture on Pitching Animated Shows

Don't Pitch a Buyer, Pitch the Audience! - Thoughts on Creator Ownership
by Mark Mayerson.

In March of 2014 Animatic T.O. presented guest lecturer, Mark Mayerson. Mark has worked as an animator, writer, producer and director in TV animation for 29 years and he currently is a professor at Sheridan College teaching animation. Mark spoke on the topic of pitching your projects directly to your audience while retaining all rights to your work.

If you are interested in exploring the topic of creator owned work - this talk is for you. 

Special Thanks to Mark Mayerson (

Event Organized by Animatic TO (
Barry A Sanders - Founder
Andrew Murray - Organizer

Filming & Editing by Canadian Animation (
Grayden Laing - Camera & Editing
John Righton - Editing

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