Smoking Doors to Release the "Impotents” Web Series Independently

April 22, 2015 – Smoking Doors, a Vancouver-based animation company, launches their crowd-sourcing campaign to produce the Impotents web series.

Smoking Doors was formed in 2012 by Jeff Cooper and Grahaeme Cowielife-long friends and creative collaboratorsas a platform for creating the Impotents series. Impotents is an adult, animated comedy which tells the story of four would-be gods coexisting in the modern worldmainly Jesus, Buddha, Ganesh and Artemis. These gods, unlike their holy counterparts, are flawed twenty-somethings living in the city.

After pitching the idea to several broadcastersdespite very positive feedbackthe general desire was that the show be further along in production before it could be picked up as a full-length series. This was not just because of its edgy nature but also a common request due to current trends in entertainment sourcing.

They want to see an audience, says Cowie which is how we came up with the idea for the web series. We want to produce this independently.

In order to raise the funds for producing five 3-5 minute shows, was selected as the platform for the campaign. In line with guidelines, artists have a set number of days to raise the total project budget, or risk receiving no funding at all.

The Impotents campaign has a 30-day window from start to finish. If a budget of $20,500 CAD is not raised before May 22nd, all pledges are cancelled and the campaign terminated. In exchange for contributions, Smoking Doors is offering a variety of unique rewards. Top ones include a producer credit; signed artwork; and most notablyone in five chances to be included in the series as an animated version of oneself.

To learn more about the campaign and the series, the project pitch page is available here:


  1. Great Characters and one in five chances to be included in the series as an animated version of oneself.


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