VIDEOS - Geneviève FT at Animatic TO

Geneviève FT hosted the first Animatic TO lecture of 2015. During her talk she gave an in depth look into how she goes about creating her wonderful work. Everything from dealing with the day to day challenges of managing her own business to balancing her schedule between clients and on top of everything, publishing her own creative content during whatever time she can find available.

She also talked about transitioning from the animation world into the illustrative one. If you've ever wondered about balancing your 9-5 job while making your own work on the side, then you'll get a great deal of insight from Geneviève.

Special Thanks to Geneviève FT (

Event Organized by Animatic TO (
   Barry A Sanders - Founder
   Andrew Murray - Organizer

Filming & Editing by Canadian Animation (
   Grayden Laing - Camera & Editing
   John Righton - Editing