Online Animation Event - Are You Ready to JAM?

The Animation Jam, an animation production marathon presented by The Art Garage in Montclair NJ. Taking place from March 20th - 22nd, 2015.

The Animation Jam is an event for professional, amateur, and hobbyist animation creators. Participants will create and present animated shorts based on a given theme within 48 hours. Not only will this allow for collaboration, it also provides a unique learning platform to exchange tips, techniques and ideas. In addition to the production of an animated short, a select few of artist will receive prizes such as free software licenses and hardware products from our event sponsors. 

The Animation Jam is possibly the first event of it’s kind in the New Jersey area! Organized by Tevon Miller and Anton Campbell, instructors in animation and media arts at The Art Garage. “They approached me with this idea during the fall of last year. As we discussed and organized it we began to see how exciting and unique this event is going to be. It made perfect sense, given the kinds of classes and artwork that we create here at The Art Garage. These guys have really made it happen!” said Suzanne O’Connor, owner of The Art Garage. 

Registration can be found on our website, or contact us at 973-744-6484 for more information. In-person participation is limited to 35 people; online participation is unlimited via live stream. In-studio media limits of 2d, 3d animation only. An “animation short “film festival will also be held on Sunday, March 22nd at 5pm where the public will be invited to view all the entries. Registration is now open! 

Event Sponsors Include: 

KDAN Mobile - 
Artograph -