"The Shutterbug Man" by Chris Walsh - Available for Purchase

TRAILER- The Shutterbug Man from Chris Walsh on Vimeo.

THE SHUTTERBUG MAN is a short stop motion horror film.

***** The Shutterbug Man tells the tale of a very twisted man, whose only passion in life is taking pictures. This passion takes him to terrible and wicked places. ******

The film offers high quality production value and animation (created one frame at a time), and an original story.

It also features hand-made, one-of-a-kind sets, props, and puppets.

Look for it at horror film festivals.

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BLOODY GOOD HORROR: “Creepy beyond belief.  A riveting voice-over by horror veteran Barbara Steele sets the tone for this unsettling short.  You won’t be disappointed. ”

JOVANKA VUCKOVIC (The Captured Bird, Jacqueline Ess)– “Spooky and surreal.”

APRIL SNELLINGS, RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE– “Many filmmakers struggle to do in ninety minutes what Chris Walsh does in four and a half. The Shutterbug Man delivers the nasty, efficient shocks of a well-told horror tale, even as it turns its grimy lens on the very process of conjuring bogeymen from the shadows. It’s a beautifully shot, meticulously handcrafted nightmare.”

TOM HOLLAND (Child’s Play, Fright Night)–“Experimental film at its best…stop motion and puppets makes it wonderfully weird and Barbara Steele gives it tone and resonance along with a terrific sound job”

MICK GARRIS (creator of Masters of Horror and Fear Itself)–“Chris Walsh’s minimalist, monochromatic puppet animation is a canny and creepy observation of viewers (like me) with tastes that are bit on the bloodthirsty side. In four minutes, he takes the retro and makes it modern, boosted tremendously by Barbara Steele’s elegant narration and Chris Alexander’s atmospheric score, woven like an elaborately designed Persian rug.”

FANGORIA MAGAZINE: “Chilling and beautiful.”