Animation Masterclass with Mike Surrey - Presented by TAAFI

TAAFI presents an inspiring lecture and intimate drawing workshop with Mike Surrey, supervising animator on The Lion King, Tarzan, and The Princess and the Frog.

One day before his TAAFI Workshop, join Mike Surrey as he shares his experiences as an animator from Disney to DreamWorks. Mike is the talent behind many beloved characters such as Timon from The Lion King, Lumière from Beauty and the Beast, and Ray the firefly from Princess and the Frog. Mike will show clips of his 2D work and demonstrate how his 2D skills were also useful in CG. Mike will also share how he transitioned himself into a storyboard artist and what opportunities can come from developing other skill sets in demand in the everchanging animation industry. You will be motivated by all he has accomplished and be inspired by the knowledge that it's possible for you to do great things in animation if you believe in your own ability. Mike will tell you, it's okay to make mistakes! You’re sure to learn when you step outside of your comfort zone. Learn tricks from someone who has survived in an industry that has evolved greatly over the last 25 years. Get ready to reinvent yourself with this exciting TAAFI Masterclass Lecture!

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About Mike Surrey

Toronto-born animator Mike Surrey is an alumnus of Sheridan College. Kicking-off his career on American Tail: Fievel Goes West Surrey joined Disney as an assistant animator on such classics as The Prince and the Pauper and Beauty and the Beast (Lumière). Surrey worked his way up the chain to become a full-fledged animator apprenticing under Glen Keane on Aladdin, a dream come true! Success followed success and Surrey was soon selected to to supervise animation of the wise-cracking meerkat Timon on The Lion King. Other notable Disney credits included The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and Home on the Range.

Moving to DreamWorks, Surrey learned CG while working on Shark Tale, which lead him to PIXAR now CG animation supervisor of Toy Story 3. Surrey once again joined Glen Keane, this time as a story artist boarding on Rapunzel (which later became Tangled). When The Princess and the Frog began production, Surrey jumped at the chance to become supervising animator of Ray the firefly before returning to the Tangled as an animator.  Surrey’s current project is with DreamWorks as storyboard artist on the Bollywood-esque animated musical Monkeys of Mumbai (2017).

List of Credits

The Care Bears Family TV show (1985-1996 Nelvana), Animation Posing Artist
Ewoks (1986, Nelvana) Animation Posing Artist
My Pet Monster (1986, Nelvana), Animation Posing Artist
American Tail 2 (1990, Amblin), Animator
The Prince and the Pauper (1990, Disney), Animating Assistant
Beauty and the Beast (1991, Disney), Animating Assistant
Aladdin (1992, Disney), Animator
The Lion King (1994, Disney), Supervising Animator
Hunchback of Notre Dame (!995-1996, Disney), Supervising Animator
Tarzan (1997-1999, Disney), Supervising Animator
Atlantis (2000-2001, Disney), Supervising Animator
Home on the Range (2002-2003, Disney), Supervising Animator
Shark Tale (2003, DreamWorks), Animator
Toy Story 3 (2005, Disney), CG Animation Supervisor
Rapunzel (later known as Tangled), (2006, Disney), Storyboard Artist
Princess and the Frog (2009, Disney), Supervising Animator
Tangled (2010, Disney), GC Animator
Me and My Shadow (2011, DreamWorks), Supervising Animator
The Croods (2013, DreamWorks), Animator
Monkeys of Mumbai (2013, DreamWorks), Storyboard Artist