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The Boxtrolls' Puppets - Behind the Scenes Video from MSMFF

Footage recorded at the 2014 Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival:

If you weren't at the 2014 Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival (MSMFF) this year, then you missed several great presentations. One of those presentations was given by Georgina Hayns, the Creative Supervisor of Puppet Fabrication at LAIKA.

(For more info on LAIKA check out their website:

Georgina Hayns (LAIKA) talking to attendees of the the 2014 Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival

Georgina gave a two hour presentation of the entire process behind how LAIKA goes from a character concept all the way to the final puppets that you see in film. The presentation was informative and inspiring. Details were covered such as how the artist at LAIKA build character inspiration sheets, what materials are used for each puppet and why, as well as how to troubleshoot practical limitations that arise during production.

I wish I could show the whole presentation, but it's something that you just had to be at the festival for. What I have been approved to show however are some clips I shot of Georgina talking about three of the puppets after the main presentation and slideshow.

Once the presentation was complete all attendees were able to come on stage and personally inspect the puppets. Georgina was up on stage for this as well and answered questions any the attendees had, which took another two hours. So all-in-all, it was an epic four hour stop-motion tour de force presentation that left everyone very inspired and glowing.

Special thanks to Erik Goulet (Festival Director - Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival), Georgina Hayns (Georgina Hayns, the Creative Supervisor of Puppet Fabrication at LAIKA), Mark Shapiro (Marketing and Communication at LAIKA, Maggie Begley (Publicity at LAIKA), and all of the amazing volunteers of the MSMFF who make an event like this possible.


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The Boxtrolls Trailer


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