SCREENING - OIAF: The New Generation of Canadian Animation

OIAF Screening: The New Generation of Canadian Animation

Sunday, September 21, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm – National Gallery - Auditorium

Curated by Chris Robinson

"It wouldn’t be a stretch to compare the current Canadian indie animation scene to that of Canadian men’s hockey. It’s frequently said that Canada is so rich with hockey players they could ice two highly competitive Olympic teams. The Canadian animation scene carries similar depth. While the first team is being occupied by Chris Landreth, Theodore Ushev, Wendy Tilby, Amanda Forbis, along with Bruce Alcock, Anne-Marie Fleming, Stephen Woloshen, Pierre Hebert and many others in their prime, there are already a number of emerging stars challenging the veterans. From the rich, diverse, mind pushing work of Malcolm Sutherland through the personal, poetry of Elise Simard along the Oscar nominated Patrick Doyon and Oscar short lister, Jonathan Ng, the present and future of Canadian animation is well on it’s way to achieving the heights of its extraordinary past."

For more info on the films check out the screening page on the OIAF Website:

GumNoam Sussman20121:00
The Drawer and the Crow (Le Tiroir et le corbeau)Frédérick Tremblay200914:00
FloconsMarie-Josee Saint-Pierre20145:00
SeasickEva Cvijanovic20133:28
DimanchePatrick Doyon201110:00
BallpitKyle Mowat20121:45
Requiem for RomanceJonathan Ng20127:29
Syncing FeelingBrandon Blommaert20122:31
PaulaDominic-Etienne Simard201210:12
Cattle CallMike Maryniuk & Matt Rankin20083:11
The End of PinkyClaire Blanchet20138:14
La TraverseeElise Simard20104:30
BoutMalcolm Sutherland20114:55
Git GobPhilip Eddolls20081:00
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