SCREENING - OIAF: The Canadian Showcase

OIAF Screening - The Canadian Showcase

The films in the Canadian Showcase were chosen to represent the diversity of submissions from all across the true north strong and free. This year's stage is populated by a range of players from established national favourites like Janet Perlman, Mike Geiger and Malcolm Sutherland to interesting newcomers with new voices and visions. There is a strong showing of experimental work in the line up this year, as well as plenty of fun and goofy iterations of animation's well-recognized capacity for laughter and joy. Meant to be a snap-shot of Canada's current animation trends, the Canadian Showcase is once again poised to do our nation proud on the world stage of the OIAF.

For more info on the films check out the screening page on the OIAF Website:

Film TitleDirector(s)Production CompanyNationalityCategory
1.Monsieur PugJanet PerlmanNational Film Board of CanadaCanadaShowcase
2.Corps étrangers (Foreign Bodies)Nicolas BraultCanadaShowcase
3.Improvisation no. 1: Cumulative LoopsLuigi AllemanoCanadaShowcase
4.Le Sapin d'Éloïse (Éloïse's Fir Tree)Dominic Etienne SimardNational Film Board of CanadaCanadaShowcase
5.StormJumperMalcolm SutherlandCanadaShowcase
6.Le Puits (The Well)Philippe VaucherCanadaShowcase
7.ObserverBrendan MatkinNational Film Board of CanadaCanadaShowcase
8.ItchSu-An NgNational Film Board of CanadaCanadaShowcase
9.Saison 1992 (1992 Season)Brigitte ArchambaultBrigitte ArchambaultCanadaShowcase
10.Celestial Red & BlueLynn Dana WiltonLDW Freelance Animation, Art & DesignCanadaShowcase
11.Caméos de lumières (Cameo of Lights)Jullian HoffCanada & FranceShowcase
12.On The SubwayMike GeigerCanadaShowcase
13.DeliciousAdam MassicotteCanadaShowcase
14.Day 40Sol FriedmanCanadaShowcase
15.A PairNeely GoniodskyCanadaShowcase
16.WackatdoooBenjamin ArcandCanadaShowcase
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