Minecraft Celebrity and Animation Philanthropy

Minecraft videos and animations are pretty serious business these days. They're racking up a lot of online views and some folks like TheBajanCanadian (Mitchell Donald Ralph Hughes) have become online celebrities as a result. As of today his YouTube Videos have 888,267,804 views.

Mitchell put out a call to Minecraft animators this April to send him their animations, but only if their videos weren't getting a lot of views. If he liked the videos, he promised to post them as a part of his "Animation April" series to help give the animators exposure.

In my opinion, this is a great example of animation philanthropy.

One of my favourite pieces from the Animation April is the "Star Wars" Minecraft Parody animation by MinuteMinecraftParodies. I tried embedding the Polaris "Animation April" video from TheBajanCanadian on this page, but it seems broken. So to view that video follow this link:
(As of this writing it has 1,301,026 views)

Or, you can view the original video from MinuteMinecraftParodies below, which currently has 722,436 views.

MinuteMinecraftParodies has disabled the stats on his videos, so I can't see what the exact jump in numbers was after Mitchell promoted his animation, but based on the comments... I'd say Mitchell's promotion probably kickstarted MinuteMinecraftParodies channel.

Anyway, I thought this was an interesting act of Canadian animation philanthropy so I thought I'd share this story.

Follow this link to see most of the "Animation April" videos (some are private):