Boxtrolls Canadian Co-Director, Graham Annable, talks to Global TV about how he landed the gig.

Global TV has a great interview posted with Boxtrolls Canadian Co-Director, Graham Annable, where he talks about how he landed the gig.

TORONTO – Ask Canadian illustrator Graham Annable how he landed his first big directing gig in the meticulous world of stop-motion animation and he simply shrugs. 
Each step toward his upcoming 3-D feature The Boxtrolls has been an unpredictable sequence of happenstance, he insisted during a visit to Toronto this past spring. 
“I think back to when I graduated from (Oakville, Ont.’s) Sheridan (College) — which is over 20 years ago now — and the thought that I would be back in Toronto speaking about a stop-motion animated feature that I co-directed would never have entered my mind,” Annable said in an interview after delivering the keynote address at the TIFF Kids Festival Industry Conference in April.
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