ANIMATED SERIES - "Crusty Beach" by Aran Darling

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Here's a short interview that I did with Aran Darling about "Crusty Beach":

GL: Who is the intended audience for the series?

AD: The intended audience is teens and up ... Simpsons-style satire and Spongebob-style sea creature fun.

GL: What is your personal connection to telling this particular story?

AD: Crusty Beach is inspired by my loving fascination with Venice Beach and all craziness that goes on here and in the rest of LA.

GL: Do you have favourite Canadian animators? If so, who, and what inspires you about their work?

AD: My mother worked at the NFB when she raised me so she'd bring me to the office and I'd sit in the editing rooms watching the classics by Weldon, Condie, and Barker on repeat.

AD: From there I went to John K. because he's incredible, and more recently I like Seth Scriver and Shayne Ehman's Asphalt Watches for its great concept and hilarious drawings.