Final Frame of the 2014 Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival

A Young Canadian Animator - David Cuevas

MSMFF, Video #04 - Today: Great screenings and free stop motion animation workshops!

MSMFF, Video #03 - The Boxtrolls: Behind the Scenes at LAIKA

MSMFF, Video #02 - Welcome to the Festival!

MSMFF, Video #01 - My room at the Hotel Espresso in Montreal

"Who Will Survive" an interactive animation from Totemy Studio

TODAY - 2014 Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival Starts at 7pm

KICKSTARTER - "Urbance" by Steambot Studios

Boxtrolls Canadian Co-Director, Graham Annable, talks to Global TV about how he landed the gig.

"Love Means Never Asking You To Shave Your Legs" by Paul Ullrich

CONVENTION: Unplugged Expo, Sept 27-28, 2014

ANIMATED SERIES - "Crusty Beach" by Aran Darling

Minecraft Celebrity and Animation Philanthropy

"TESSERACT" by Jenn E. Norton

T-SHIRTS - Jessica Borutski has designed an epic All-Canadian T-Shirt

INTERVIEWS - Torill Kove discusses her film "Me and My Moulton"

SCREENING - OIAF: The Canadian Showcase

SCREENING - OIAF: The New Generation of Canadian Animation