WORKSHOPS (Toronto) - Simple Silhouette and Paper Puppets with Lynn Wilton

Lynn's a good friend of mine and her experimental animation work is an inspiration to me. I recommend this TAIS workshop as a chance not only to learn animation, but to get to know Lynn. I guarantee you won't regret it. 

"(Re)Cycle" (2011) by Lynn Dana Wilton

Simple Silhouette and Paper Puppets with Lynn Wilton
Sunday January 26, 2014, 11 am – 5 pm *
$75 members, $90 non-members
This introductory course will cover an alternative method of construction using easily found materials for simple silhouette (under-lit) and top-lit paper puppets followed by an opportunity to get under camera and animate. Materials will be provided and everyone will get the opportunity to see their puppet come to life. Please come prepared with a design idea for a character that could be found in a jungle environment. We’ll be making our puppets to be roughly 5” on their longest side.Instructor Lynn Dana Wilton is an animator/designer/artist and former board member of TAIS. She took a diploma in Classical Animation at Sheridan but also holds a BAAID from Ryerson. She trained classically but, commercially, has principally animated stop-motion for television series & specials including “Glenn Martin, DDS”, “Rick & Steve”, “A Miser Brothers’ Christmas”, “Lunar Jim”, “A Cape Breton Ghost Story”, and “Henry’s World". She’s had her experimental short, “(Re)Cycle”, show in festivals internationally. 

You can see some of Lynn's work here: