MUSIC VIDEOS - "On Top" by The Lytics, Animated by Procter Bros. Industries

The stop-motion music video "On Top" was animated by Sean and Christian Procter, from Winnipeg's Procter Bros. Industries. I've done a little stop-motion animation and I can tell you first hand that this was an epic production.
Solderer's Helping Hands Easter Egg
If you watch the film through you'll find easter eggs for stop-mo animators - like the the solderer's "Helping Hands" inspecting records at 00:58.

String as Beer

There are also clever shots in the film where the animators chose to animate one object like another object . My favourite instance in this film was the use of yellow string to represent pouring beer.

The stop-mo standard replacement for liquids is usually some take on cling wrap or gelatine mixed with a tiny bit of water so it's always refreshing to see a creative take on liquid animation.

If you're interested in object substitution animation check out PES's magnum opus of re-purposed objects, "Fresh Guacamole".

The Lytics - On Top from Procter Bros. Industries on Vimeo.

Stop-motion animated music video for Winnipeg hip-hop crew The Lytics' track "On Top".

Another thing I loved about this video was the artistic cardboard constructions sprinkled throughout. If you ever took Fine Arts at the University of Guelph in Ontario then you'd know all about this as it was (maybe still is?) part of the curriculum.

Crazy Cool Cardboard Mech