MUSIC VIDEO - "Explode" by Uh Huh Her, Animated by Jodi Sandler

Explode by Uh Huh Her and animated music video by Jodi Sandler is one of my favourites. The design behind each of the characters is beautifully stylized. The characters are sensual without being overly sexualized. That being said, characters in this video are still downright sexy.

Uh Huh Her "Explode" from leishahaileyfan_de on Vimeo.
Official Video for 'Explode'
*Animated by Jodi Sandler

Album: "Common Reaction"
(Nettwerk 2008)


Recently, In my spare time, I've been drawing a lot of characters trying to work out my own animated style for a pitch to Bite on Mondo, which is why I was more struck by the character design Jodi used when I re-watched this film today than when I first watched it several months ago. I loved it back then, but now I have the vocabulary to actually express why.

'Explode' by Uh Huh Her - Animated by Jodi Sandler
What I really appreciate about these characters is how real they look, while also being stylistic. In general, North American animation tends to have characters that are designed around principles that are key to creating appealing children's animation: short bodies, big heads, large eyes. This can create problems when animators switch from kids animation to something that requires a more adult or sexual theme - like a music video based around lovers. If the animator doesn't switch to a more adult character design to fit an adult themed piece then the result can end up being disturbing (Super el Beasto), comic (Happy Tree Friends) or just not working - as in the case of Stan Lee's Stripperella.

'Explode' by Uh Huh Her - Animated by Jodi Sandler
Anyway, that was a long way of saying that Jodi designed perfect characters to play out the roles of the protagonists in Explode (aside from my personal opinion that both of the lovers should have been woman).