INTERVIEWS - Nick Cross interviewed by Cameron Archer

Nick Cross is an award-winning Canadian independent animator. His works include The Waif of PersephoneYellow CakePig Farmer, and Black Sunrise.

Cameron Archerdoes the future of animation hold, in your opinion?  Will animation migrate to the  web, as a lot of it has, or are commercial television & film still the carrots that drive the stick?     
Nick Crossthink that the web will become more and more integral to the future of animation.  Most,  if not all, of the best [animation pieces] being produced right now are short films that are shown  exclusively on the web.  Sites like Vimeo are doing a lot to raise the bar, by only showing original  work in high quality.  I don’t think television or cinema will die out, but they will have to share their  audience a lot more with the web. 
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TAAFI 2012, Photo from Indie Animation Panel - Nick Cross explaining how he self finances his films
(Photo Credit: Grayden Laing / Canadian Animation)