INTERVIEWS - Deanna Marsigliese interviewed by Randall Sly

Deanna Marsigliese is a toronto visual development artist, specializing in character design. I saw this interview over on the Character Design Blog and thought I'd share.

Randall Sly: How do you go about designing a character, and what goes through your mind, from start to end?
Deanna Marsigliese
Deanna Marsigliese: "This is an extremely difficult question to answer. In my personal opinion, character designing is purely intuitive. My approach is to scribble with out direction, and most of the time, it gets me to the place I need to be! It’s all about feeling; knowing what shapes, colours, and lines will best depict that character’s personality. Read the script, note the dialogue, and get a sense of your character’s mannerisms, habits and overall demeanor. Does he/she have a back-story? What does the character represent? What kind of life does he/she lead? Try to imagine how they would handle different situations. Treat your character as a person. If the character isn’t real to its creator, then how can it be convincing to an audience?
Character Designs by Deanna Marsigliese

Most importantly, one must develop great taste and a sense for good design. Discover new artists and study the classic ones. Learn from their example. Don’t copy their works, but take cues from their approach, their design shapes, colours, textures and expressiveness. Surrounding yourself with inspirational work will automatically have you learning through osmosis. Don’t underestimate the mind! Finally, learn about appeal. Clean shapes, complementary colours, lines that show form and movement. Everything on the character represents something. In my opinion, a mole, or even an extra wrinkle eludes to the character’s personality. Remember that a character design represents an idea that you are trying to express to others".

Character Designs by Deanna Marsigliese