A retro-style, holiday animation from the artists at SHED.

"Down" Town was always a dull, grey place... until the day a colourful stranger showed up.

"Down" Town from SHED on Vimeo.

SHED est un studio d'effets visuels et de postproduction qui dédie son expertise et son excellence à l'industrie de la publicité, du film et de la télévision.
Nos artisans sont passionnés et créatifs, ils repoussent les limites, ils innovent pour rendre vos images saisissantes, pour aller au-delà de vos attentes.

Based in Montreal, SHED is a highly creative and passionate VFX and postproduction company bringing expertise and excellence to commercials, film and television.
Our flock of talented and dedicated artists keeps pushing the boundaries to make every project innovative, visually exciting and a step above your expectations.