TAAFI INTERVIEWS - Martin Markle interviewed by M.R. Horhager

Martin Markle is the Producer and President of Markle Productionsan independent production company specializing in animation, children’s programming and lifestyle television. Markle is a Gemini Award winner and has produced hundreds of hours of content.

M.R. Horhager: Is there a certain kind of show idea that you’re looking for right now?
Martin Markle: The first test of something when it comes to me is the gut check - do I like it? Am I drawn in? I hate to say it for those who are pitching, but that impression happens in one second flat. You see the artwork – do I like it or do I not? You see the title – do I like it or do I not? Whatever they’ve written – maybe there’s a slogan or some kind of descriptive line – does it grab me or not? That is the most important second – it’s that first moment of seeing it or hearing it.
And then my practical mind kicks in because I need to sell these things. Is there an audience for this? Is there a market for this? And that is a very important factor. I might be inclined to something, but if I think it’s not going to sell anywhere, then I can’t move forward with it on a business level, although I would try to help to shape the project for the person. So that’s really what goes through my mind.
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