TAAFI INTERVIEWS - Brett Jubinville interviewed by M.R. Horhager

TAAFI has recently started posting interviews on the TAAFI Blog. This interview was conducted by M.R. Horhager with Brett Jubinville. Brett is the creative director for Tin Man Creative Studios. It's quite an informative interview. I've included Brett's answer to one of the questions below, but head on over to the TAAFI Blog post to check the whole interview out.
M.R. Horhager: How do you feel about the Internet and new media and how it's changing things? 
Brett Jubinville: It definitely evens the playing field.  If it was 1993 instead of 2013, there's no way Tinman would have survived its first year.  We didn't have backers or investors or even clients when we first started, let alone any money to travel and do in-person "wine & dine" meetings.  But because of how the Internet has evolved, particularly in regards to the media industry, we were able to set up our website, and get our work out there in front of the world.  A lot of the work we've done has been for online.  It tends to be a little more "rock-and-roll" to produce, which fits in really well with how we're set up.
As for how it's changing things, it's really a matter of how people are consuming media.  They watch things when they want, where they want, on whatever device they want.  Shows are no longer only 11, 22 or 44 minutes long.  It's opened up the market in a huge way.  It's definitely a little tougher for smaller studios to break into the more traditional markets, so Internet allows us to continue to ply our trade, which is really our goal. We want to keep doing what we love to do.
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