TAAFI INTERVIEWS - Brandon Lane interviewed by M.R. Horhager

Brandon Lane is one of the rising executives at 9 Story Entertainment. This interview gives a little insight into his background as well as his perspective on how internet and and new media are affecting the broadcast landscape. The full interview is posted over on the TAAFI Blog, click here read it.
M.R. Horhager: How do you feel about the Internet and new media and how it’s changing things? 
Brandon Lane: I think it’s amazing but it’s happening slower than people think. The Internet is definitely affecting broadcast, but broadcast is still by far the juggernaut. Especially in pre-school where there is that level of trust where a parent will feel safe with their kid watching Treehouse or CBC Kids or TVO or Disney Jr., whereas they may not feel so safe with them surfing YouTube. That said, lots of kids love YouTube and they love watching content on demand.  What sense does it make to a kid who is growing up in an ‘on demand’ world to wait until a certain time to watch a show on someone else’s schedule, or to watch just one episode of a series and then move on to a different series instead of binge watching their favourite series? On the other hand, TV is still commanding the most attention so maybe the traditional broadcasting model has legs to weather the storm.  Maybe the steady stream of curated content is what a percentage of viewers actually want.  Or is it a combination? It’s going to be interesting to see the shift as this generation grows.  I know the vast majority of my friends don’t have cable, so what happens as they become parents? So even now you have to have your content available on demand.  You have to always think of your digital extension. If you’re a TV show, kids are going to expect you to be a game as well – they’re going to expect you to be on every screen they access. So you have to be there.
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