INTERVIEWS - Leslie Supnet interviewed by Patrick Jenkins

Leslie Supnet is Originally from Winnipeg MB she now lives in Toronto her engaging cut out animated films explore the everyday and the dark undercurrents of life. 
Patrick Jenkins: My favourite film of yours is Gains and Losses (2011). It’s a bittersweet meditation on life, how we make mistakes and how we lose some things, but gain others. The children appear again in this film, maybe on the cusp of becoming teenagers. One striking image in the film is a girl carving up and eating a skull.   
Leslie SupnetGains and Losses is my most personal animation. The structure behind all the vignettes is an actual letter I wrote to my deceased cousin, who took her own life. I was struggling quite a bit with her death, as well as a break up I was going through at the time, so it was nice to focus on something other than those issues while making this work. The process of animation helped me a lot with that.
It was in those dark moments that I felt great resonance with a lot of cliché, sentimental phrases -- they finally had meaning to me. In the past those words felt too distant for them to feel sincere. It was through the experience of suffering I felt a connection. The image of the girl carving up and eating the skull was my interpretation of events of my cousin’s death. Illustrating it helped me deal with her death, or at least come to understand what was going on in her mind at that moment.
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