INTERVIEWS - Jeff Chiba Stearns Interviewed by university animation student

Recently, Jeff Chiba Stearns was asked by some fourth year animation students attending the Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver, BC, Canada to answer some question for a Professional Practices class they were taking.
University Student: How do you fund your personal projects? 
Jeff Chiba Stearns:  It  depends on the project but    normally I apply for BC Arts  Council and Canada Council  for  the Arts grants since I consider  myself a media artist.   Also, I get  pre-licenses from broadcasters such as, Knowledge Network, CBC, Bravo, OMNI, etc.   Getting  a pre-license can often  trigger other funding avenues  like  the Canadian Media Fund (CMF) and  other broadcast funding grants. 

I’ve also self-funded some  projects as well as run IndieGoGo campaigns.  Sometimes I funnel funds I make from other films into   new projects. I’ve also  received  funds  from foundations or worked with corporate sponsorships.  The most  important thing is to make  sure  as a filmmaker you produce your own work so you have ownership of the project.  As well, it’s important to try to retain 100% creative control over your project.  This is    the only way you’ll ever make money as a filmmaker since you have the ability to sell your project to broadcasters, distributors, online monetization, DVD’s, etc. after it’s done.

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