GAMES - Stay Mayor (Rob Ford Parody Game)

Toronto games makers Barnabas Wornoff and Ben McEvoy got a write up on their smash hit Stay Mayor in the Toronto Star last Thursday. The game's protagonist is a parody of the current Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, who has been in the media spot light almost constantly for the past year. In the article the game making duo comment on how hard it is to have their game stay on top of the continually escalating scandal surrounding Rob Ford.

"The team has watched the developments closely to find the perfect news hook for Stay Mayor 2.0. The challenge is the sheer mass of new information. Had they coded a new game around Chief Bill Blair’s Halloween news conference, as one developer suggested, the game would already be out of date."

Click here to read the full post over on the Toronot Star website. 

Click here to download the 'Stay Mayor' game.