IN DEVELOPMENT - "Creamers" by Hilary Moses

The KickStarter Campaign for Hilary Moses' short film, Creamers, may be over but you should still check out the KickStarter film embedded below all the same. It's a beautifully crafted short in it's own right.

The Creamers Blog is also a fascinating glimpse into how Hilary has developed her animation techniques during the digital renaissance of animation. She talks about everything from the initial inaccessibility of reference material (she originally bought National Geographic magazines in Value Village for reference) to how her film has progressed from being 100% hand drawn to including 3D scenes with texture mapping.

The are lots of little 'behind the scenes' and development gems in the blog as well. My particular favourite is "Workplace/Workers/Woman/Crisis/Battle/Existing/Expiring/Departure", which is an ingenious extension of Disney's famous 'Half-Filled Flour Sack' (located on pg. 49 of 'The Illusion of Life') using a coffee creamer carafe.

One of the best things about the Creamers' blog is that each post is an informative chapter in the evolution of the film and Hilary as an artist. If the story telling in the blog is any indication of the film, you won't want to miss Creamers when it comes out.


Famous Half-Filled Flour Sack
Source: The Illusion of Life (Pg. 49)