EVENTS - Dick Figures the Movie - Canadian Premiere

There are several great animated series on YouTube directed towards teens & adults. In my opinion Dick Figures is currently the best. Happy Tree Friends (also distributed by Mondo) is great - love it - but it's a one note pony. In the Dick Figures episodes you get comedy and commentary coming at you from all angles. From clever (Flame War), to nerd (Role Playas,) to absurdist (Zeus Bag) - and all the stops in between.

Why am I going on like this? Because the powers behind Dick Figures have created a Dick Figures The Movie!  And guess what!  It's screening in Toronto as part of the Buffer Festival on November 9th. You should go see it. Details below.

I'm personally interested to see how the creator's brilliant short style stacks up when challenged with an expanded feature length format.

Where: CN Tower Maple Leaf Cinema
When: 1:00pm, November 9th, 2013

That being said - If you aren't able to make it to the Canadian Premiere of Dick Figures The Movie, never fear, you can have your own personal premiere using the Yekra Player below!

Dick Figures The Movie

“Dick Figures The Movie” tells the story of Red and Blue, best friends turned enemies, who hunt for The Great Sword of Destiny in order to save the world… and their friendship.