FESTIVALS - Ottawa International Animation Festival 2013 Begins Today

The films start rolling at the Ottawa International Animation Festival today. If you're in Ottawa for the weekend take some time to take in cutting edge animation at it's best this weekend. Along with edgy animation gems the festival also serves up films and professional development courses from Walt Disney and Pixar.

The NFB is presenting the Animation Pimpcast this year and two talents of note that will be featured on it are Chris Landreth and Adam Elliot. If, like me, you're unable to make the festival this year due to the confines of being employed, you will be able to listen to each pimpcast over on AWN.

I'd also recommend checking out the Walt Disney Animation Studios Masterclass with Eric Goldberg on Saturday afternoon.

Over on AWN there is a great OIAF 2013 blog post by Lia Abbate (with pictures) about TAC and everything happening there up until the start of the main festival today.