OUTSIDE ANIMATION - Elvis is Water, in Toronto July 4-July 14

Katherine Sandford is a kids animated tv writer/story editor (Toopy & Binoo, Poppets Town, Dirt Girl World, My Friend Rabbit) and is currently working on Julius Junior with Brain Power Studio. Elvis is Water is a side project she put together with John Burns.


Elvis is Water is on the road this summer, right now we’re playing to rave reviews
and standing ovations in Montreal,
Next up is the BIG CITY -  TORONTO

“Musically accomplished!
John Burns has a GREAT voice.”
The Montreal Gazette
Check out this awesome preview article, really describes the show: http://www.montrealgazette.com/entertainment/Elvis+Water+designed+people+fans+King/8521797/story.html

Toronto Fringe
Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space
30 Bridgman St

Thursday July 4 – 7 pm
Friday July 5 – 1:15 pm
Saturday July 6 – 10:30 pm
Monday July 8  – 6:45 pm
Tuesday July 9 - 1:15 pm
Friday July 12 - 11:00 pm
Sunday July 14 - 5:15

Elvis is Water is a vibrant musical exploration of the birth of rock and roll, and a quest to understand the power of one man’s song, told and sung through the prism of the heady early days at Sun Records in Memphis.  A fantastic story with a LIVE BAND!

Check us out at www.elvisiswater.com