PHOTOS - "Foxed!" Sceening

I got a chance to view Foxed! last night at the TIFF Bell Lightbox theatre. It's a clever little film shot in stereoscopic 3D about a girl who is first kidnapped and then impersonated by Foxes.

When the short film is wrapped up there are many questions left hanging. Why would the foxes need children to labour in mines for them? What do the foxes get from impersonating the children they kidnap? How is it that the parents see their children instead of the fox impersonating them? The answers to these will likely be forthcoming in the feature length adaptation of Foxed! that is currently in development.

It's good news when a new producer delves into the challenges of producing animation in Canada so it will be interesting to see where this adventure takes James. Incidentally, he is also behind Daily Battles, which is based on a Béatrice Coron paper cutting of the same name.

James Stewart during the Foxed! Q&A
(Photo Credit: Grayden Laing / Canadian Animation) 

Brenda Baumgarten - Foxed! Puppet Design 
(Photo Credit: Grayden Laing / Canadian Animation) 

James Stewart / Geneva Film Co. - Foxed! Producer & Co-Director
(Photo Credit: Grayden Laing / Canadian Animation) 

Matthew Hemming / Very Good Studios - Foxed! Visual Effects Supervisor
(Photo Credit: Grayden Laing / Canadian Animation) 

Sean Harvey - Foxed! Co-Producer & Director of Photography
(Photo Credit: Grayden Laing / Canadian Animation) 


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