GAMES - STAY MAYOR! (Loosely based on the exploits of Rob Ford...)

With all the craziness over at Toronto City Hall heating up right now - the 'STAY MAYOR!' game will help you let off some steam to stay cool. This game was whipped up by the same super talented Toronto animators that brought out the Ikea Monkey Game over Christmas and is loosely based on the exploits of Toronto's current mayor, Mr. Rob Ford. 

Help the Mayor Stay Mayor!

Uh oh. Looks like the Mayor’s in a buttload of friggin’ trouble with that alleged video of him smoking crack! And who knows if it even exists, amiright? But juuust in case, why don’t you help him collect a heap of cash to buy it before The Gawker does. Only your twinkle toes can out-maneuver the Blood Thirsty Media to help him collect more than they did in that damn “Crackstarter” campaign. $201,255 to be exact. And hey, everyone needs a little boost now and then, so make sure you collect power up buckets of deep-fried courage for more footballs to throw at life’s problems... but make sure you avoid those pesky crackpipes!
Good luck trying to Stay Mayor! Go git em!
PS: Don’t smoke crack.
★ Heartbreakingly stunning 2D graphics
★ Fun and easy to play
★ Music by award winning composer Sam Allison
★ Made by the same team that brought you the Ikea Monkey Game!
★ Finally get a bit of control down at city hall using ONLY YOUR THUMB!
★ Helps numb the pain
★ Fun and easy to play again
★ Almost as funny as Toronto news stories
★ No where near as funny as commenters on Toronto news stories
★ Who are we kidding, this isn’t funny. The city’s management is in shambles and Toronto is a hyper polarized electorate with no hope for change in the next 18 months.